The Smart Meter: Another Power Struggle in BC

As always, when you shove something down people’s throats, they tend to spit it up. We saw it with the HST and we’re seeing it with the new BC Hydro smart meter program.

BC Hydro is careening on ahead with their smart meter program in spite of the objections of numerous BC homeowners. The BC Clean Energy Act allows for the initiative continue without the watchful oversight of the BC Utilities Commission. The case is before the BC Information and Privacy Commissioner, but BC Hydro must forge on without waiting for the outcome of that review. Another initiative courtesy of the BC Liberal Government. In British Columbia, call Corix Utilities today and tell them you don’t want their stupid meter: 1 888 495-2767.

This month (September 2011), the Union of BC Municipalities voted in favour of a moratorium on smart meters. But the word from BC Hydro is: they don’t care.

This is the message of movies like Terminator and War Games. We create a machine to serve us, but the machine serves itself. We create governments to serve us, but they serve themselves.

This we’ll-do-what-we-like approach of the BC government demonstrates the meaning of taxation without representation: tyranny.

For information on legal actions being undertaken in BC with respect to smart meters, visit or email for timely updates.