Worldly Vision releases their 2012 gift catalogue

The 2012 Worldly Vision Xmas Catalogue
(click to view larger image)

Worldly Vision announced Tuesday the release of their first annual Xmas Gift Catalogue, just in time for Xmas 2o12. “We’re very excited about this new catalogue,” gushes exective director Karma Grey. The catalogue, which features on its cover an enthusiastic tween showing off her new cellphone, allows Canadians to give gifts to needy tweens all over Canada.

“Goats and chickens are nice,” explains Grey, “but we wanted to find that niche that speaks to the self-esteem of a segment of the population that until recently has gone un-noticed.” Tweens, according to Grey, are lost in that gap between childhood and adolescence. “They feel they are ready to venture beyond the protection of their parents, but they are not quite ready to join a street gang or hang out all day at the mall.” Thousands of Canadian tweens, says Grey, lag behind their peers technologically. You might see them with a cellphone, but they can barely afford a phone card. Unable to receive text messages, they are unable to truly keep track of who said what with who and whether whoever knows.

The catalogue contains such items as cellphones, cellphone cards, computer games, internet access and much more. Canadians can pay for these on the Worldly Vision website, and receive a tax receipt.


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