Does anyone really believe in Purgatory?

Does anyone really believe in Purgatory?

I am speaking specifically of the notion the people enter a tormentuous purging prior to entrance into the Divine Presence. It’s further asserted that this torment can be alleviated by the petitions and good works of loved ones on Earth.

Now, consider how it would be if you had a loved one kidnapped and tortured by some foreign government. Wouldn’t your every waking hour be consumed with petitioning your own government for the rescue of this loved one?

Yet, with Purgatory, we may have a Mass said or a rosary recited. We may do these things regularly. But we also continue with our daily lives. There are no visits by the Heavenly Red Cross, to report on the well-being of our loved ones. Have they achieved the Beatific Vision? Or is more effort needed on our part?

There are those who say they subscribe to this doctrine, but do they live their daily lives as if they constantly believe it? Or is it an idea which intrudes upon them during prayer time and Sundays only, if at all?


3 thoughts on “Does anyone really believe in Purgatory?

  1. Is Earth Heaven?
    Is Earth Purgatory?
    Is Earth both?
    Is Earth the final frontier or just the beginning?

    Kind of seems like we are being held hostage by our own governments here in Canada!
    To think they are our employees doing whatever they choose when they choose!?
    They take the best for themselves and if we are lucky we get the left overs if any are left over!?
    They give themselves the best pays/positions and perks at the expense of even the poorest of us who are supposed to be the ones who are to be taken care of first and for them to get the left overs if any exist!
    They live as Kings and Queens with servants doing everything for them!
    Most are incapable of doing much for themselves!
    Most are very ignorant of what they should be masters of as our leaders and doers!?

    Purgatory as is said to be could be a blessing to be a visitor of!?

  2. Personally, I’m not sure I believe in anything at all, except perhaps for ghosts. The only way I know I believe in ghosts is that I am scared of them (or if you prefer, I am scared of the idea of them). I have a sneaking suspicion my in-laws may be haunting me. But I don’t mind, they don’t feel like malevolent presences (did I spell that right), but it is a little inconvenient that my mother-in-law likes to lock me out occasionally. I find if I keep the kitchen a little cleaner however, she doesn’t do this. Other-worldly desires can be simple I guess.

    What is my point? I guess it is that unless you are provoked into a stronger that usual response what would make one aware of “belief”? Perhaps people don’t know they don’t believe.

    1. Perhaps belief is only used when in need when all other earthly human responses have been depleted and belief is the only solution left?

      I prefer to use it first rather than last!
      It is less painful!

      Sort of like using Ativan/Lorazapam for depression/mania first rather than last!?

      Believe you are in love and you will love belief! ;>)

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