My IQ Test Score

So I took this I.Q. test, see? On, see? And I got a real high score, see? And it said I was REAL SMART!!!! Like, I must have grey matter spewing from my ears. And I got some code so I could paste it onto my website and show off just how smart I really am. But then, I says to myself: “Self,” I says, if I’m so, so smart, I should be able to hack the code and make up a fake I.Q.. And wouldn’t THAT be smart?

I’ll update it from time to time, to reflect how smart I feel on any given day. It’s Monday morning. Definitely a 75 time of day.

IQ Test – IQ Test

Update: Oct 12.

Just got another one. It’s a keeper, so won’t mess with it. Here it is! – IQ Test

I’m so flattered.


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