The Smart Meter: Another Power Struggle in BC

As always, when you shove something down people’s throats, they tend to spit it up. We saw it with the HST and we’re seeing it with the new BC Hydro smart meter program.

BC Hydro is careening on ahead with their smart meter program in spite of the objections of numerous BC homeowners. The BC Clean Energy Act allows for the initiative continue without the watchful oversight of the BC Utilities Commission. The case is before the BC Information and Privacy Commissioner, but BC Hydro must forge on without waiting for the outcome of that review. Another initiative courtesy of the BC Liberal Government. In British Columbia, call Corix Utilities today and tell them you don’t want their stupid meter: 1 888 495-2767.

This month (September 2011), the Union of BC Municipalities voted in favour of a moratorium on smart meters. But the word from BC Hydro is: they don’t care.

This is the message of movies like Terminator and War Games. We create a machine to serve us, but the machine serves itself. We create governments to serve us, but they serve themselves.

This we’ll-do-what-we-like approach of the BC government demonstrates the meaning of taxation without representation: tyranny.

For information on legal actions being undertaken in BC with respect to smart meters, visit or email for timely updates.


9 thoughts on “The Smart Meter: Another Power Struggle in BC

    1. Hydro refers you to Corix, Corix refers you to Hydro. Hydro/Corix/Hydro/Corix. Around and around it goes. You have to get off the merry-go-round somewhere. But remember, it’s being spun by the BC Liberal Government.

    1. I’m not saying don’t call Hydro. A call to you MLA might be a good idea as well. But when you are face to face with a meter installer at your home, and you want to say “Go away,” it’s Corix you are talking to.

  1. Nobody will care when you brush your teeth. The idea is to encourage electricity use outside of peak hours. Corix is being paid to install a meter, let them do their job, Corix cannot turn off electricity. Stop spreading lies. It is absurd.

  2. The BC “Clean” Energy Act does not MANDATE WIRELESS meters. It was Hydro’s choice to go with WIRELESS meters and a WIRELESS $10 BILLION DOLLAR TAX FUNDED GRID.
    Translation: Anyone who trespasses to install a WIRELESS meter has no mandate to install a WIRELESS meter.
    Anyone who removes YOUR analog meter is a thief.
    You own BC Hydro.
    On top of that many who bought their own properties and built their own homes also have personal receipts for their OWN analog meters.
    If you own property, then YOU are the one who OWNS everything that is ATTACHED to YOUR HOUSE.
    If they haven’t stolen it already, then go look at your ANALOG METER.
    It has NO BC HYDRO NAME stamped on it ANYWHERE.
    CORIX is ILLEGALLY TRESPASSING with the intention to REMOVE & DESTROY YOUR PROPERTY after they get finished INSTALLING AN ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE DEVICE IN PLACE OF YOUR perfectly functioning analog meter.
    On top of that, the frequencies violate both Federal and Provincial safety laws, ranging from Safety Code Six to Worksafe BC.
    The so called smart meter is ILLEGAL.
    What is to debate?
    These Made In China frequency delivery devices have no UL or CSA required approval. All they have stamped on the back is FCC.
    According to media reports, the smart meters have caused over 8000 house fires to date.
    Hydro dupes you into giving away all of your personal data for free to feed a trillion dollar data resales industry.
    They turn the entire interior your house wiring into a fractal antenna.
    They turn you into a forcibly co-opted involuntary conductor, an agent of electrical induction which becomes part of their circuitry.
    What is it going to take for people to see themselves as entitled to not be sickened and ripped off and used, and lock up their own analog meters but good?
    Then tell them to get the heck off your property because you know they are violating countless laws.

    “It is never wrong to take freedom for yourself… It is never right to take the freedom of another.”

    Freedom is never given, it is only taken or taken back.

    The idea that freedom can be granted or that it is a “benefit of citizenship” is based on defective logic. Anything that must be granted to you cannot be your freedom because someone apart from you is controlling the granting of it.

    The only true freedom is that which you imagine, take and protect for yourself. If you look to someone else for your freedom you are admitting that you do not understand what freedom is.

  3. The privacy issue is huge, the cost issue is huge, but to me it is the health issue that is the biggest problem.
    Both Corix and BC Hydro use the “excuse/reasoning” that if you have a cell phone, then you are a hypocrite
    to not want a Smart (sic) Meter. This is bogus for two reasons. First, we have a choice to have a cell phone,
    etc., there is NO CHOICE with these meters. Secondly, the evidence is accumulating that all of this RF radiation is dangerous. In other words, we need to cut back or eliminate this form of EMF as much as possible. Why are many jurisdictions eliminating WiFi (e.g. Lakehead University, schools and museums in France)? Unfortunately it will take a generation (about 20 years) to fully establish the health effects of all this wireless technology. By that time many people will be very ill or dead!

    In one of the comments in the CBC article a responder claimed that the Smart (sic) Meters will only be sending a signal once a day. This is absolutely incorrect. BC Hydro says the signals will be sent for only a minute a day or so. But how many “pulses” of high energy RFR will that be? When you go to the dentist the technician leaves the room and the Xray pulse lasts for how long? Would you sit there for a minute of these pulses?

    And one more point, another responder claims that there is no evidence of the danger of EMF (e.g. RF) radiation..
    Another falsity. There is a growing body of evidence. One of the most disturbing comes from the labs of
    Dr. Henry Lai at the University of Washington. Dr. Lai has definite results of his experiments showing that RF radiation breaks bonds in DNA. If this is not serious, then you don’t understand how important DNA is!

    Do yourself and our society a favour and watch the movie “Full Signal”, then stop hiding behind over-simplistic science/physics interpretations (e.g. the inverse square law) and get active to help prevent the spread of this technology.

    Thank you.

    Greg Shea (Lake Cowichan, BC)

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