UFO over Jerusalem?

This article will be short and sweet. Youtube has recently become populated by numerous videos depicting a ball of light descending on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem on January 28, 2011. Actually, there were only four videos, and various remixes and combinations of them.

Now there is a fifth: mine.

But, really, all seriousness aside. I love Jerusalem. But how about some excitement in my own neck of the woods. Okay, why not? Here it is:

That’s the HSBC building in Prince George. What does it have in common with the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem? This is gonna keep me up tonight.

Remember. The internet doesn’t need more rumours. Check the About page (as well as the other posts) before you say too much about UFOs in Prince George. And then take a closer look at one of those Jerusalem UFO videos on youtube — the one not included synchronized videos.


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