YouTube removes flotilla choir video

By now, many have heard of the so-called human aid flotilla that challenged the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.

Now, parody is a powerful tool. It’s been said that the Pope laughed at Erasmus’ In Praise of Folly. Yet it’s been also said that this work was the powderkeg that Luther ignited, setting off the Reformation.

So are we really surprised when a silly spoof of We Are The World has caused such a stir in the past few weeks? YouTube has pulled the video, citing copyright infringement as the reason. Huh? Is that really the reason, or is it the political statement made by the Flotilla Choir’s rendition of We Con The World?

I won’t rehash the whole story. You can read about it here. The purpose of this short article is to provide an opportunity for you dear reader to hear the Flotilla Choir on


Click here for the Flotilla Choir on singing We Con The World.


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