CBC.CA Trumps Fascinating Tales

Porky Pig -- Offended by the swine flu? "N-n-n-n-n-nonsense!"
Porky Pig -- Offended by the swine flu? "N-n-n-n-n-nonsense!"

CBC.CA has outdone Fascinating Tales with Tuesday’s feature: Is swine flu’s name hogwash? I wish I had written this. If this article had appeared on Fascinating Tales, it would have been so obviously a fabrication. Truth, again, is stranger than fiction.

As is often the case, the reader comments are half the fun. Give the article a read. See the video. (I haven’t seen it yet.)

The name of the flu is a big deal to some people. This isn’t the only blog to have picked up on this. Born-again atheist, Brother Richard, has a much better cartoon on his blog.

If eating swine’s flesh is a bad thing (Is. 66:17), then why not a nasty name like “swine flu”? Although, personally, I would prefer “Porky Pig Pandemic.”

And don’t forget to provide your input in the column to the right.


One thought on “CBC.CA Trumps Fascinating Tales

  1. All these news stories about imminent global catastrophe, and mixed among them stories about who is offended by what the sickness is named. Sounds like an old situation comedy. Here we have agents 86 and 99 up to their ears in a swamp surrounded by huge carnivorous reptiles, and they have time to argue about what to call them:

    99: Max! Behind you! It’s a giant alligator!

    86: 99, how many times to I have do tell you! These are crocodiles. Alligators are…

    99: MAX!!!!!


    99: Oh, Max!

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